Box art - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash Ultimate Richter Belmont – How to Unlock

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is host to over 70 fighters, including every character from every Smash Bros game. However, there are new characters in there too, including the long-awaited debut of Samus Aran’s nemesis Ridley, although possibly more exciting is the inclusion of the stars of Castlevania. Two members of the Belmont clan appear in the game, and both have to be unlocked. We’ve shown you how to unlock Simon Belmont, but how do you unlock Smash Ultimate Richter? We’ll show you.

Who is Richter Belmont?

Richter Belmont is slightly less well-known than his ancestor Simon, despite being the star of two of the best and most influential Castlevania games ever made. Those are Rondo of Blood (also called Dracula X), Symphony of the Night, and Portrait of RuinCastlevania: Symphony of the Night is considered one of the best games ever made, and helped coin the term “Metroidvania” due to its spin on the gameplay from Super Metroid.

How to Unlock Smash Ultimate Richter Belmont

The easiest way to unlock Richter is through Classic Mode. Either play as Young Link or Snake in any difficulty of Classic Mode, and as long as you complete it you’ll get to challenge Richter. Beat him, and he’s yours to play. Young Link is unlocked by playing Link, so this is definitely the easiest way. Otherwise, play through Versus matches, and he’ll be the 35th character you unlock.

The final method of unlocking Richter is by playing through the World of Light single-player campaign. You’ll need to get to Dracula’s castle, at which point you have to defeat all dark spirits in the castle. You’ll end up with both Richter and Simon Belmont in your roster of playable characters. Just make sure you challenge Dracula at some point, and don’t let Luigi get killed again…