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Fallout 76 I Am Become Death – Complete the Enclave Quest

Fallout 76 has many factions for players to join, from new groups such as the Order of Mysteries and the Cult of the Mothman to classic Fallout names such as the Brotherhood of Steel. One of the more interesting factions to join is the Enclave, the antagonists of Fallout 2 and Fallout 3, and they’ve got a particularly nasty questline for you. The last mission on the Enclave questline is the Fallout 76 I Am Become Death mission.

I Am Become Death comes after you’ve already joined the Enclave, but it’s a disturbing one nonetheless, since it will introduce you to the world of launching nuclear weapons within Fallout 76. You’ll need to do it to complete the Enclave questline, but what do you need to do in it? How do you complete I Am Become Death, and where do you get the Nuclear Keycard or Nuke Access Codes? We’re here to help.

How to Get Fallout 76 I Am Become Death Quest

If you’ve been playing through the Enclave questline so far you’ll have already done the previous missions for the faction, starting with Bunker Buster. You’ll then be sent to the Whitesprings Resort, and there to the Whitesprings Bunker, which is where the Enclave and the MODUS AI will give you your missions. Once you’ve completed all Enclave missions so far, including Officer On Deck, you’ll be given the final mission from MODUS, I Am Become Death. Your primary objective is to get all the items you’ll need to launch a nuclear missile, and then do so. We said that the Enclave were the villains, now you’re one of them.

How to Get a Fallout 76 Nuclear Keycard

Fallout 76 Nuclear Keycard Escort

After heading to the Whitespring Bunker, go to the Enclave military wing and use your newly achieved General rank to access the Command center. Complete the optional tutorials on how to launch a nuclear missile, as instructed by MODUS, or head to one of the Command terminals to begin the mission properly. MODUS will give you your first objective, which is to find a Nuclear Keycard.

The keycard is being carried by an escort, which is a flying cargobot. It’s located at a random position on the map. Check the Surveillance System terminal for the location of the Nuclear Keycard Escort, and you’ll get a map marker with it. Head to it, but be aware that the marker is always moving. Shoot at the cargobot’s rotors to stop it, and then take it down. Retrieve the Nuclear Keycard from the charred remains. Now for the hard part.

How to Launch a Nuke and Complete Fallout 76 I Am Become Death

You next have to find all 8 parts of an encrypted nuclear missile launch code. Each code has a number and a letter, and each one is held by a ghoul somewhere in the wasteland. You’ve undoubtedly come across them at some point on your travels, they’re the beeping ones with a large metal backpack.

You’ll need to find 8 of these guys and take their codes. While you can stumble across them out in the wasteland, it makes things a lot easier if you use the Surveillance System terminal and mark them on your map, although it’s only the “last known location” of these Scorched officers. You’ll still have to do a bit of searching. Normally we’d allow you to cheat by checking out our list of Nuke Launch Codes, but unfortunately for this quest you’ll have to do the hard work yourself.

After you’ve gathered all 8 pieces of the code you’ll need to decipher them. Head to Mama Dolce’s Food Processing, just west of Vault-Tec university and east of Vault 76. Pipes behind the plant lead to Fujiniya Intelligence Base, although you’ll need Mama Dolce’s ID Card from her office in the upper floor of the plant first. Find the Waste Disposal System terminal and find information about the silos and code encryption.

You’ll next need to head to one of three silos, Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. It’s up to you which one. Head there and be prepared for a fight, as while you now have full access you’ll be attacked by level 50 Assaultrons, Protectrons, turrets and more. You may need a group for this part, and what follows. Break the encryption, choose a spot, and launch the nuclear missile. Congratulations, you have now become death, the destroyer of worlds. Now, head to the fallout site with Power Armor and take on those high-level enemies for some powerful loot. That’s optional though, since the Enclave questline is now completed. Plus, now once you have the codes again, you can launch a nuclear missile any time you like!