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Resident Evil 2 Weapons Locker Key Card location | Find the Shotgun key card

The Resident Evil 2 Weapons Locker Key Card location is one of the earliest mysteries you’ll come across in Leon’s story. Situated within the Main Hall’s many offshoot corridors, knowing where to use the Weapons Locker Key Card, even once you have found its location, can be a tricky feat. But don’t worry: here’s where to find the Shotgun key card to open up the weapons case at the back of the Safety Deposit Room.

Where is the Resident Evil 2 Weapons Locker Key Card location?

weapons locker key card

You’re not going to be able to find the Weapons Locker Key Card until you’ve uncovered the Spade Key location.

Once you’ve done that, however, simply head up the stairs in the Main Hall to reach the 2F and go right. Head down the balcony and into the Waiting Room.

Use the Spade Key to open the door and, instead of turning right, go left and go through the door on the right wall. This is the Art Room. Inside, you’ll find a Statue (which you can ignore for now) as well as a pamphlet talking about an art auction. Instead, grab the Key Card on the table by the green lamp. Hey presto, you’ve got the Weapons Locker Key Card location, providing you’ve got enough space in your inventory. Simple, right?

Where to use the Weapons Locker Key Card in Resident Evil 2 

Now knowing where to actually use the Weapons Locker Key Card is the fun bit. Because you’ve already got the Spade Key, you can enter the West Office via the Main Hall on 1F.

From there, go through the other exit and out into the Safety Deposit Room. You’re almost there, but avoid the zombie cop if you haven’t disposed of him already.

Then all you have to do is make your way to the back of the room, swipe Weapons Locker Key Card, and you can get your prize. No spoilers here, but it’s gonna be a big help for you.

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