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Resident Evil 2 remake Can I go back to the RPD later?

The Resident Evil 2 remake is out now, and it features one of the most detailed and immersive locations in the entire Resident Evil series, in the form of the RPD police station building. This wonderful location is filled with secrets, puzzles, lore, and other reasons to explore, but you’ll very quickly find ways to leave the Resident Evil 2 remake RPD station. Can you go back to the police station once you leave it? Are there easy ways to do so? And if you can return to the RPD, when can you do so? We’ve got the answers.

Can I return to the Resident Evil 2 remake RPD when I leave?

Resident Evil 2 remake police station

The first time you have a chance to leave the RPD is when you collect all three medallions and place them in the statue in the center of the Main Hall. The statue will raise up to reveal a small office and an elevator out of the building. You should save at this point, and luckily there’s a new Typewriter in the office itself. The question is, if you take that elevator out of the RPD, can you return afterwards if you’re not finished exploring? You can certainly go back up the elevator again, and you will be able to return to the RPD later, but if you continue exploring downstairs you’ll be away from it for a little while.

This happens again later, when you open the shutter in the Parking Garage and can actually leave the RPD and go into Raccoon City. However, you once again get to return to it later. The only time you cannot return to the police station, and so is the point of no return, is when the cable car is up and running. Only enter the cable car when you’re ready to leave the RPD behind and travel to the NEST laboratory.

When do you go back to the police station in Resident Evil 2 remake?

You “leave” the police station twice, but can return later. The first time is after you use the medallions on the statue. You make your way through a small underground facility and will eventually come up in the Parking Garage, at which point once you’ve got the Crank Tool you’ll be able to open the hallway shutters and re-enter the station. The second time you exit via the Parking Garage, either with Ada (Leon) or in search of Sherry (Claire). You’ll enter the sewers at some point, but don’t worry, you’ll eventually be able to re-join the RPD building.

How to go back to the police station in Resident Evil 2 remake

Resident Evil 2 remake RPD

You’ll no doubt find yourself asking “How to go back to the police station in Resident Evil 2” at least once, as you make your way through the sewers area. Some items, like the Hiding Places Film Roll, will demand that you return to the RPD police station in order to use the item. Whether you need to use the Dark Room to develop more images, or just head back to pick up some items that were left behind, you’ll be happy to know that returning to the RPD is as simple as heading to the upper floor of the sewers and checking behind the bookcase in the Workers’ Break Room.

To actually get inside the Workers’ Break Room, you’ll need to find the Sewer Key. Happily, we have a guide for that! Once you’ve picked it up, you’ll be able to open the Workers’ Break Room door and head back to the RPD. The lift behind the bookcase returns you to the Special Weapons Case location (here’s how to open it). Head upstairs and to the elevator to be transported back to the RPD police station. It really is as easy as that!

Once you’ve returned to the RPD, you’ll be able to pick up all leftover loot, complete all remaining puzzles, and ensure you’re fully satisfied before heading off on the cable car. As soon as you’re ready to head back to the sewers, simply go back to the room below the Main Hall and use the elevator. This will take you back to the Workers’ Break Room and allow you to continue with your adventure.

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