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How to unlock the Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending | KH3 Secret Movie Lucky Emblems total

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending has gone live but, in all honesty, you might not have figured out how to unlock the KH3 Secret Movie just yet. We already know you need a certain amount of Mickey Mouse heads to view it but, other than that, it’s been pretty crypic, as is Kingdom Hearts’ wont. However, you’ll see below just how many Lucky Emblems you need to watch the Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie on Standard, as well as the slightly different pre-requisites involved with unlocking the Lost Secrets movie on Beginner and Proud.

How to unlock the Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending

kingdom hearts 3 secret ending

There are three things you need to do to unlock the Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending. We’ll run through them in order of difficulty:

First up, you need to have downloaded the Kingdom Hearts 3 1.03 update. Without that, which includes the Secret Movie as part of the patch, you aren’t going to be able to watch it. Yes, that means those without an internet connection are missing out, which is a shame.

Secondly, you’ll have to complete the game and beat the final boss. Easier said than done, of course, but you’ll know when the credits have rolled and you obtain a completion screen that you’ve checked this off.

Finally, you have to take photos of a certain amount of Lucky Emblems, depending on your difficulty level. There are 90 Lucky Emblems strewn throughout the various worlds and it’ll take some doing to find them. Here’s each difficulty requirement:

  • Beginner – 90 Lucky Emblems
  • Standard – 60 Lucky Emblems
  • Proud – 30 Lucky Emblems

How to watch the Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending

kingdom hearts 3 secret ending

You’ll know once you’ve unlocked the Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending because you’ll get a notification of “Lost Secrets” being available to watch in the Theatre the next time you’re at the Title Screen.

Simply go to the Theatre and scroll down to Epilogue. Click that and, within, you’ll find both the Epilogue and the Secret Movie waiting for you to watch at any time.

What is the Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending?

kingdom hearts 3 secret ending

Now that would be telling. I will say this, though: It sets up a potential sequel in the same way that the original Kingdom Hearts introduced Roxas and how Kingdom Hearts 2 gave us a glimpse of Birth by Sleep. Be sure to find out for yourself by finding those Lucky Emblems!