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Metro Exodus secret achievements | How to get the secret achievements

Wondering how to get those pesky Metro Exodus secret Achievements? The journey out of Moscow is a long one and there’s plenty of action to be had along the way. There’s a lot more to Metro Exodus than just shooting people, and your choices throughout the game will have consequences. Making the right choices at critical moments and throughout the entirety of your adventure is key to getting all of the Metro Exodus secret Achievements.

Metro Exodus Secret Achievements | Moscow, The Volga, and Yamantau

Metro Exodus secret achievements


The first of the Metro Exodus secret Achievements is earned towards the very end of the Moscow prologue chapter. After exploring the surface world of Moscow, Artyom and Anna find themselves captured by Hanza. Arytom and Anna get separated, but you eventually manage to get back on your feet, rescue Anna, and make your escape by stealing the Aurora.

During the theft, an enemy Hanza train equipped for combat chases you down and you’ll have to jump on board to sabotage it. One of the things you can do on this train is disconnect the cars and send them barreling down the track behind you. Simply disconnect every single one of the cars one by one and you’ll earn the “Brakeman” Achievement.


Three crew members will have their fates decided depending on your actions in the game and Duke is the first character affected by your choices. The process for saving Duke in The Volga largely hinges you avoiding unnecessary violence against the Paladins of the Tsar Fish cult. If you can manage to not kill too many of them, Duke will survive the climactic battle at the end. (It doesn’t hurt to earn bonus moral points by completing side quests like rescuing Private Teddy.)

Righteous Vengeance

Colonel Miller, Artyom, and Anna entered the Yamantau bunker in the hopes that they would find the remnants of the Russian government and receive new orders. Unfortunately, it seems that the bunker has been occupied by a group of insane cannibals. The trio is quickly overwhelmed by a horde of enemies and captured.

Artyom and Miller are hardened special forces soldiers and are able to escape. From this point forward, you will face many cannibals in your rush to rescue Anna from her devious captors. Simply kill 90 or more of them throughout the level and you’ll earn the “Righteous Vengeance” Achievement.

Metro Exodus Secret Achievements | The Caspian and The Taiga

Metro Exodus secret achievements


One of the new additions to Metro Exodus is the ability to drive vehicles in the open world. You’ll be able to drive a scouting railcar and a boat in The Volga, but you won’t get your hands on a proper car until you make it to The Taiga. The Bukhanka vehicle is acquired after defeating a Munai-Bailer named Saul and stealing the key off of his neck.

The car is great for getting around, but the hardy little Russian vehicle also makes for an excellent battering ram. Run down 50 enemies with the Bukhanka and you’ll unlock the “Carmaheddon” Achievement. Easy as pie!


This is probably the most challenging Achievement for keeping crew members on board. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Don’t kill or stun any slaves.
  • Knock out Saul (the Munai-Bailer who you take the car key from)
  • Sleep in a safe house and talk to Saul
  • Find Giul’s photo
  • Explore the map, complete side quests by helping slaves and locals
  • Stealthily knock out the Munai-bailer beating a slave towards the end (if you can).

As long as you can do most of these things, Damir should stay on board the Aurora crew.


Getting the “Alyosha” secret Achievement will play out pretty similarly to the “Duke” secret Achievement in The Volga. Largely, you should avoid unnecessarily killing any of the Children of the Forest. (It’s best not to kill them at all, if possible.) As always, thoroughly explore the map for side quests to earn bonus moral points. It can’t hurt!

Full Strength

The “Full Strength” Metro Exodus secret Achievement is dependent on earning three other Achievements: “Duke”, “Damir”, and “Alyosha”. Save Duke’s live, keep Damir from leaving, and keep Alyosha from being wounded to earn this Achievement. If you earn this one, you’ll also be well on your way to the “Your Destination” Achievement and the good ending!

Metro Exodus Secret Achievements | The Dead City and the end

Metro Exodus secret achievements

The final two Metro Exodus secret Achievements depend on which ending you get. In short, you’ll probably have to play through the game twice in order to get both of them. There’s one secret Achievement for the bad ending and one for the good ending.

Eternal Voyage

The “Eternal Voyage” Metro Exodus secret Achievement is earned by getting the bad ending where Arytom dies. Getting the good or bad ending depends on whether or not you manage to save enough members of the crew by the end of the game. To get this Achievement, you should do the following:

  • Kill as many Paladins as you can in The Volga
  • Don’t complete the side objectives to keep Damir around
  • Kill as many Children of the Forest you can in The Taiga
  • Avoid completing side objectives for bonus points
  • Kill any surrendering enemy combatants

As long as you go forward with this general mindset, you should get the bad ending without a problem.

Your Destination

Conversely, the “Your Destination” Achievement requires that you get the good ending in Metro Exodus. This is simply a matter of making the right choices throughout the entirety of the game and saving enough crew members. Ideally, you should try to keep Duke, Damir, and Alyosha all on the crew, alive and uninjured. (Scroll up to see how to save those individual crew members). You should explore every level as much as possible to get bonus moral points from side quests.

I only managed to save Duke and Alyosha in my first run through the game and I’m fairly certain that I didn’t hit every bonus side quest for extra moral points. You don’t have to save everyone, but it can’t hurt! Besides, you’ll need to keep everyone on board the Aurora for the “Full Strength” Achievement, so there’s no reason not to go for a perfect run in one go!