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Anthem Prism Tacit | What to say to Leyton and Nadira

In Anthem, you’ll meet a man named Leyton in Fort Tarsis, and after several conversations, you’ll get a chance to wrap up his story. There are several dialog options you’ll get, and in one, you can say the words “Prism Tacit” to Leyton. Most of the conversations in Fort Tarsis don’t lead to much, but this particular choice does matter. Here are the two ways Leyton and Nadira’s side story can come to a close in Anthem.

Anthem Prism Tacit | What does it mean?

At a certain point in Anthem, it will come out that Leyton is a Dominion spy that has had a second personality programmed over his original one to blend in. You’ll find out that the phrase that triggers his original personality to take hold is “Prism Tacit.”

You might think at first that Prism Tacit is Latin, but it’s not. A prism in geometry is a solid figure whose two end faces are similar, equal, and parallel figures and tacit means understood or implied without being stated. In effect, by uttering “Prism Tacit” to Layton, you’re telling him to realize that he has been split into two similar figures and to understand it without replying.

After you find out that Layton is a spy in Anthem, you can speak with him, Nadira, and Tassyn in the bar. You have two dialog choices to choose from. You can either say something innocuous and ignore the situation, or you can say his trigger phrase.

  • If you say something innocent: Tassyn leaves and Nadira says the trigger phrase so she can speak to Leyton’s real persona and talk about their relationship. Later, if you revisit them, you’ll find that Leyton has reconciled his personalities and he and Nadira are still together.
  • If you say Prism Tacit: If you use the code phrase, you’ll get another choice to keep him around or exile him.
    • If you keep him around, he can end up being used as a double-agent against Corvus.
    • If you exile him, Leyton will be killed by the Dominion, and your relationship with Nadira will deteriorate.

Other little outcomes can happen as well. Tassyn may end up re-programming Leyton and using him as a spy for Corvus. He and Nadira may or may not be in a relationship at this point. It seems like there are triggers that factor into the eventual outcome of Leyton’s story, but the major decision is the one you make in the bar.