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Fire Emblem: Three Houses amiibo Gazebo | All amiibo rewards

Nintendo’s use of amiibo in many of its games can leave a lot to be desired, but the Fire Emblem: Three Houses amiibo support is rather solid. In this guide, we’ll let you know everything there is to know about the Fire Emblem: Three Houses amiibo Gazebo. Read on to learn about the amiibo Gazebo location, list of all amiibo rewards, and more. It doesn’t matter what your question about the amiibo Gazebo in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is, we’ve got you covered down below. It’s always good to go into battle prepared.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses amiibo Gazebo | Location

fire emblem three houses amiibo gazebo

Before you find out what your amiibo collection can get you in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you will first need to know how you can use them. To use any amiibo in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you will first need to know the amiibo Gazebo location. It can be a little tricky to find, but once you know its location, you won’t forget it. You’ll need to find it during any free-roam time you have off of your hectic teaching schedule.

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The amiibo Gazebo is just that, a gazebo. It’s relatively small and hidden within the Garreg Mach Monastery walls. You’ll find the amiibo Gazebo inside a small garden, right near the center of the Monastery. You should spot it if you head west from the Dining Hall—it should be just outside. There’s a glowing green ball of some kind inside the small amiibo Gazebo, so it should be easy enough to spot in the garden once you get there. Simply head to the Gazebo, and it will let you scan in any amiibo you own for some sweet rewards.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses amiibo Gazebo | All amiibo rewards

fire emblem three houses amiibo gazebo

As stated above, you can scan any amiibo into the amiibo Gazebo. Any amiibo that isn’t from the Fire Emblem series, however, can only be scanned in once a month. Scanning in any amiibo such as Mario, Link, or Samus will grant you some random, useful items such as Vulnerary, tea, and cooking ingredients. These items will scatter themselves throughout the garden surrounding the amiibo Gazebo.

Scanning in any Fire Emblem amiibo, meanwhile, will grant you with higher quality items and unique rewards in the form of extra music tracks. You will definitely want to scan any Fire Emblem amiibo you may own. Who doesn’t enjoy extra music tracks to listen to?

The individual Fire Emblem amiibo rewards are as follows:

  • Alm amiibo: March to Deliverance
  • Celica amiibo: With Mila’s Divine Protection
  • Chrom amiibo: Destiny (Ablaze)
  • Female Corrin amiibo: A Dark Fall (Fire)
  • Ike amiibo: Eternal Bond
  • Lucina amiibo: Conquest (Ablaze)
  • Male Corrin amiibo: Alight (Storm)
  • Marth amiibo: The Time to Act
  • Robin amiibo: Id (Purpose)
  • Roy amiibo: Beneath a New Light (Roy’s Courage)
  • Tiki amiibo: The World Tree

You should be able to scan your Fire Emblem amiibo in each in-game day, rather than waiting for an entire month to pass by. However, once you have unlocked these tracks, you can only listen to them in particular circumstances.

To listen to these extra unlocked tracks, you will need to head into the Extras menu, which is located on the game’s title screen. In this menu, you will see the list of music tracks that you can listen to. Time to return to the classic Fire Emblem games we all know and love thanks to these extra tracks. You can also listen to any of these amiibo music tracks during gameplay, too. You’ll be able to choose from and listen to any of these tracks during Auxiliary Battles, at least. Time to dust off that amiibo collection, we think.