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Fortnite Auto Sniper Rifle Nerf | Will it be vaulted?

If you’re wondering if there will be a Fortnite Auto Sniper Rifle nerf coming soon, we’ve got you covered. The newest weapon in the game, which dropped as part of Season 10, looks like it could be overpowered. If it is, you can expect plenty of complaints from players about its OP nature and unbalanced approach to the battle royale title. To find out if it will be vaulted, check out our Fortnite Auto Sniper Rifle nerf guide.

Fortnite Auto Sniper Rifle Nerf | OP weapon

Fortnite Auto Sniper Rifle Nerf

Before we take a look at whether a Fortnite Auto Sniper Rifle nerf will occur, let’s have a look at the wider issue. We covered the new rifle’s release date and stats after they were leaked on August 1. Even then, the weapon’s stats looked and sounded like they’d be a problem. Since then, we’ve received confirmation of its stats in the patch notes, which we’ve listed below.

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  • Automatic Sniper Rifle class – Rare/Epic/Legendary
  • Damage – 31/33/35
  • Headshot damage – 62/66/70
  • Magazine size – 16 rounds
  • Fire-rate – Four rounds per second
  • Ammo type – Medium

The automatic sniper rifle has been patched into Fortnite now, so players are already getting their hands on it. As such, we’re expecting to see complaints about its rate of fire, magazine size, and amount of damage it does in particular over the next 24 to 48 hours.

If people start moaning, it won’t be the first time that a new Season 10 weapon has drawn fan ire. The Brute mech was also the recipient of some less-than-impressed reactions when it arrived last Thursday. According to Reddit user Some_Cheese, Epic are considering nerfing the Brute to keep Fortnite balanced.

Epic could decide to do the same for the Automatic Sniper Rifle if it proves to be too powerful, or even put it in the Vault if it becomes too much of an issue. For now, though, it’ll remain unchanged until enough fans speak out about it.