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Mario Kart Tour pipe destroying guide | How to take out pipes

One of Mario Kart Tour’s many challenges tasks players with “taking out” a certain number of pipes. Figuring out how to “Take out 3 pipes” in Mario Kart Tour can be confusing for multiple reasons. First, this challenge’s pipe has no relation to the gacha-like Mario Kart Tour Pipe reward system, so it’s impossible to “take out” that Pipe (unfortunately, one could argue). Second, the game doesn’t give players any direction on just how they’re supposed to go about taking out the non-gacha pipes. But we’ve figured it out so we will tell you how to do so in this Mario Kart Tour how to take out pipes guide.

Mario Kart Tour | How to take out pipes

As mentioned, the challenge-related pipes have nothing to do with the capital-p Pipe that doles out Mario Kart Tour’s randomized rewards. The challenge is instead referring to the other pipes in the game — the stout, green ones you have to weave through on the roads of various Mario Kart Tour tracks.

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The only way to take out these pipes is to run over them with a Mega Mushroom item, which sends them flying from their position on the track. This means you’ll have to get lucky and receive a Mega Mushroom on one of the tracks with pipes. The best way to do this is to use a Mario Kart Tour driver who has one of the pipe tracks as a favored course, since you’ll then have three chances per item box to score a Mega Mushroom. Mario Circuit 1 (favored by Mario) and Toad Circuit (favored by Toad, Peachette, and Toadette) both have pipes and are accessible in the first two cups you’ll unlock, so those are good options. It will also help your chances if you stick farther back in the race, since you’ll get better items if you’re near the rear.

Once you have a Mega Mushroom, it should be fairly easy to take out three pipes. They’re usually placed in clusters of two or more, so you should be able to hit a few of them in one go.