Modern Warfare Weapon Blueprints List | How many blueprints are there?

Weapon customization is one of the most appealing factors in Call of Duty, or any shooter for that matter. Having a Modern Warfare weapon blueprints list will give you something to shoot for and unlock through gameplay. Blueprints are weapon variations that use the content you have unlocked while playing Modern Warfare to provide different builds and visual styles. You get to use attachments and cool new skins for your guns, adding that extra flavor to your loadouts.

Modern Warfare Weapon Blueprints List | Weapon skins and attachments

Modern Warfare Weapon Blueprints List full

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If you think that getting a blueprint will net you the weapon instantly, you will probably be disappointed. First and foremost, you must have the weapon unlocked through progression, and only then you will be able to apply the blueprint to it and rock the new style to your teammates and enemies.

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There are currently 200 Modern Warfare Weapon Blueprints available, according to a montage created by Reddit user Senescallo. This seems like a very reasonable amount of weapon blueprints for Modern Warfare players, or cosmetic variants, as they are also called.

Most of the weapon blueprints go for the traditional gray color, but Modern Warfare players should be pleasantly surprised by the vivid colors that shine in some of the skins.

Some of the blueprints will naturally stand out from the competition, with the anime girl skin catching everyone’s attention, neatly illustrating the Oden assault rifle. Other skins are worth highlighting from this Modern Warfare weapon blueprints list. There is a United States of America skin, as well as a couple of pink and white weapon camos that are going to delight fans of Hello Kitty… if are any of them are actually playing Modern Warfare.

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