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Modern Warfare ‘You’re Officially an Owner of This Content’ Error Fix

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, is now available to play! That is assuming you don’t run into the annoying Modern Warfare You’re officially an owner of this content. Once installation is complete, you can access the content” error message that’s popping up for players on PS4. If you receive this notice, you won’t be available to play one or more of the modes. If you’re not downloading a new update or add-on, then clearly something is amiss. Here’s how to fix this problem and stop the notice from popping up.

Modern Warfare notice “You’re officially an owner of this content” fix

Modern Warfare You're Officially an Owner of This Content

It can be pretty confusing to have the Modern Warfare “You’re officially an owner of this content” notice popping up, especially when you don’t have any new updates or content being installed. This error message advises that “once installation is complete, you can access the content,” but what if there isn’t any installation in progress? What do you do then?

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Thankfully this error can be fixed with a quick reboot of the game. You don’t even have to restart your entire system, as simply closing the application and then relaunching it is enough to get the game working again. Do note that this may take a few attempts, with me personally having to open the game three times before I could successfully access all three modes.

Hopefully inaccurate error messages like this can be fixed in the coming weeks, as the game matures past its launch weekend.

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