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Death Stranding Missable Missions | Can you miss deliveries?

Can you miss missions in Death Stranding?” is a question that any concerned player could be asking. If you’re the type of gamer who wants to see and do everything, it’s important to know whether or not objectives in a game can be missed. Seeing “Quest Failed” popping up because you’ve progressed too far through the story can be a major downer, and you certainly want to limit those experiences. So, how do Death Stranding missable missions work? Here’s what you need to know before heading out on your long journey.

Are there missable missions in Death Stranding?

Death Stranding Missable Missions

Yes, unfortunately, you can miss missions in Death Stranding. If you continue too far along with the main story missions (the ones highlighted with an orange strand), then you may notice that side-missions become unavailable. You don’t appear to be given any warning, either, they just disappear and are no longer available to undertake.

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If you’re looking to complete every single little mission that Death Stranding offers, you’re going to need to finish every available delivery as and when it becomes available. If this seems like too much trouble, then you can progress through the story without worrying too much, as you aren’t missing much in the way of additional plot points. Side-missions are mainly there to increase Sam’s connection level and improve his abilities.

As you might expect, important story details are left for the main missions, so don’t fret if you accidentally miss one of the many, many side-missions that become available to Sam as he links up new locations to the Chiral Network.

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