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Death Stranding Birthday Cake | What happens on my birthday?

The Death Stranding birthday cake Easter egg is a nice surprise for players who play the game on the day they were born, or the day that they selected as Sam’s birthday. If you’re wondering “What happens on my birthday in Death Stranding?” we’ve got the answer for you. Read on for the big birthday surprise, or don’t and keep it a secret for when you play on that very special day! It’s up to you, but anyway, on with the cake guide.

What happens on Sam’s birthday in Death Stranding?

Death Stranding Birthday Cake

In our testing, we found that the big Death Stranding Easter egg is the birthday cake seen above. This cake appears in Sam’s room after he goes to sleep. It says “Happy Birthday” on it and has four candles. What’s interesting about the cake is that, despite the player not being able to interact with it, it is still slowly eaten, with a quarter disappearing at a time as you move around different parts of the room. Once the cake has gone, a single raspberry is left behind, but that soon disappears as well!

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If you want to trigger the Death Stranding birthday cake Easter egg for yourself, you’ll need to play the game on the date that you entered as Sam’s birthday. If you try to find the birthday cake on any day, you’ll just be left staring at the usual Monster Energy drink cans. Not quite as wonderful as a (very tasty looking) birthday cake!

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