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All Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally rewards

Pokemon Sword and Shield is filled with a couple of mini games that players can participate in to earn bonus rewards. One of these mini games is the Rotom Rally, which requires players with Watts if they ride their bike through different courses within a certain time limit. Our Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally guide will take you step by step through things like where to find Rotom Rallies and all of the rewards that are available.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally | Where to find Rotom Rallies?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally Rewards

The Rotom Rally mini game can be found by visiting a Watt Trader in the Wild Area. To identify Watt Traders, look for characters that are dressed like bikers who are standing around aimlessly in the Wild Area. To begin the Rotom Rally mini game, simply visit them to select a course.

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You’ll be given a handful of different options to choose from, with each course offering different time limits, ranging from 40 to 120 seconds. Selecting a course with a longer time limit simply means that it is a longer race and will offer a higher reward upon completion.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally Rewards List

Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally Rewards

As we mentioned above, completing the different Rotom Rally timed trials will earn players a different amount of Watts. In the list below, you will find all of the different Rotom Rally Watt rewards based on which time trial you choose.

  • 40 seconds ~ 100 Watts
  • 50 seconds ~ 120 Watts
  • 80 seconds ~ 200 Watts
  • 90 seconds ~ 250 Watts
  • 120 seconds ~ 300 Watts

Obviously, choosing the courses with the higher time limits means that are going to be a little harder and will require a higher score to complete. Furthermore, there are a couple of helpful tips you’ll need to know before you try your first Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally Rewards

If you’re looking to complete your first Rotom Rally or are thinking about trying one of the harder courses, we have a couple of tips that should help you get a higher score and ensure you earn a nice amount of Watts for all of your troubles. Below are some of our best tips and tricks for completing Rotom Rallies in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

  1. You’ll Need a Bike — You can’t race if you don’t have a bike. Check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield bike upgrades guide for everything you’ll need to know to get your own bike.
  2. The Balloons are your Friends — As you make your way through various Rotom Rallies, you’ve probably come across a balloon or two. Don’t avoid these, they will help you. The smaller white balloons will give you a short burst of speed while the big red balloons will slightly increase your overall time limit. Further, if you get lost, follow the balloons to get back on track.
  3. Don’t Run Over Pokemon — This should go without saying, but is still worth noting. Pokemon are your friends, so don’t run over them. If you happen to hit one, you’ll be slowed down, which will cost you valuable seconds
  4. Farm Rotom Rallies if you Need Watts — While not technically a “tip or trick” for the races themselves, knowing where to farm Watts could be valuable as you progress through the game. If you ever find yourself needing some extra Watts later on in the game, head back to the Wild Area, find a Watt Trader, and knock our a couple of Rotom Rallies.

Now that you’re aware of everything there is to know about Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally rewards, locations, and tips, get out there and start racing.