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Pokemon Sword and Shield Farm Watts | What are W used for?

Despite being games about collecting monsters, Pokemon Sword and Shield have tons of non-Pokemon collectibles scattered throughout the Galar region. From special Battle-Combo moves to the Oval Charm and Shiny Charm, there are tons of items and abilities for players to get their hands on. Some particularly useful items and moves require Watts, a new currency in Sword and Shield. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Watts farming guide, we’ll teach you what Watts are for and how to get more Watts.

Pokemon Sword and Shield | How to farm Watts

Pokemon Sword and Shield _ How to farm Watts

While Watts have plenty of different uses, there are really only a few ways to get them. Some involve completing particular activities, but most of them just require you to complete some light exploration of the Wild Area. The best use of your time is probably just to ride your bike around the Wild Area, stopping at every den you can. We were able to get about 3,000 Watts in 15 minutes doing this.

  • Completing the Rotom Rally rewards Watts. The amount depends on the particular race and your performance.
  • Interacting with glowing Pokemon dens rewards Watts.
    • Small Dens (glowing dens without a red beam shooting out of them) reward 50 Watts.
    • Large Dens (the dens with red beams shooting out of them where you can begin Max Raid Battles) reward 300 Watts.
    • Dens with tier-five Max Raid Battles (the ones with thick, swirling, bright-pink beams shooting up) reward 2,000 Watts.
  • Catching or defeating gold glowing Pokemon will reward around 150 to 250 Watts.

Completing Max Raid Battles gives you plenty of useful items, like experience-boosting candy and rare berries for curry, but doing so will not give you Watts. If you’re only after Watts, just interact with the den to get them and then leave.

Pokemon Sword and Shield | Watts uses

Pokemon Sword and Shield _ Watts uses 1

Watts are Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Wild Area-specific currency. You can see your total Watts amount in the top right corner of the screen when at a Pokemon den or a Wild Area vendor (ex: “5,000 W”). They’re used to purchase Technical Record moves and useful items — like the Wishing Piece, which can be used to start a Max Raid Battle in an empty Pokemon den — from Wild Area vendors. These vendors also offer upgrades to your bike’s turbo boost recharge speed for 1,000, 3,000, and 5,000 Watts, making it easier to get higher scores in the Rotom Rally bike race activity.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield _ Watts uses 2

If you give 500 Watts to the digging brothers near the Wild Area’s Pokemon Nursery (by the Bridge Field fast travel point), they’ll dig up valuable treasures for you, such as the Rare Bone item or fossil pieces you can turn into living Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield _ Watts uses 3

You can also give 100 Watts to a woman in fishing gear that shows up randomly at various places in the Wild Area. In exchange, she’ll give you a “brilliant find” she fished up — an item such Pearls you can sell to earn cash.