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Rocket League Lucky Lanterns Start Time | When does the Lunar New Year event begin and end?

Rocket League’s latest seasonal event, Lucky Lanterns, introduces many Lunar New Year-themed items to help players celebrate the Year of the Rat. Lucky Lanterns follows Rocket League’s previous seasonal event, Frosty Fest 2019. In addition to several cosmetic items for players to earn, the Lucky Lanterns event also introduces the new Forbidden Temple Arena for players to compete in. This guide covers the Rocket League Lucky Lanterns start date and end date, as well as details about how players can earn the event’s cosmetics.

Rocket League Lucky Lanterns Release Date | When does the event start and end?

Rocket League Lucky Lanterns release date arena

The Lucky Lanterns event will begin on Monday, January 20, at 7 AM ET and end on Monday, February 10, at 7 AM ET. Throughout the event, players will be able to earn Red Envelopes by completing online matches. These can then be exchanged for some of the following themed cosmetic items:

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  • Red Envelopes Boost
  • Yaojing Dominus Decal
  • Dragon Octane Decal
  • “Rat Racer” Player Title
  • Paper Dragon Topper
  • Fortune Wheels
  • Celebration Kite Antenna
  • Paper Dragon Antenna
  • Lantern Fest Topper
  • Richie Rat Topper
  • Ruckus Trail
  • Spring Pagoda Avatar Border
  • Yaojing Breakout Decal

Alternatively, players can spend their Red Envelopes to unlock Golden Lanterns, loot boxes which contain items from Champions Series 1, 2, and 3. Players can also unlock the Goodbye Nian Player Banner for free, and various festival-themed items will be available in the Item Shop throughout the event.

Rocket League was recently the subject of some controversy: After update 1.71 drastically increased Rocket League item prices, players began protesting the new store system by using only the stock Octane car. Players’ complaints were eventually answered, however, and Psyonix reduced the Blueprint prices. This also meant anyone who bought items at the old, higher prices was able to secure a partial Rocket League item refund, allowing them to get back the difference in Credits between what they spent and what the items now cost.