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Journey to the Savage Planet Maximum Health | What is the max health you can get?

Dodging death in Journey to the Savage Planet is more easily achieved with a larger health bar. Being able to take more hits before succumbing to the cold grasp of death (before then being cloned and respawned) will help keep you fighting the good fight against the many alien enemies that you come up against. You’ve likely figured out that Orange Goo is key to increasing both your health and stamina, but just how high can that health bar go? Here’s what you need to know about Journey to the Savage Planet maximum health.

What is the maximum health in Journey to the Savage Planet?

Journey to the Savage Planet Maximum Health

As you can see in the image above, the Journey to the Savage Planet maximum health bar is populated by 20 slots, with the stamina bar rising to meet it. That’s a whole lot of health, but you’ll be needing it for some of the tougher boss fights and in areas where multiple enemies attack you at the same time.

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If you’re struggling to increase your health bar and it’s causing you to die a lot, consider backtracking and looking for hidden batches of Orange Goo. It’s surprising how many easy ones I missed in my playthrough. Many are hidden in tall grass or below trees, so keep your eyes peeled for that orange glimmer, then get nomming. Some of the cracked walls also conceal Orange Goo. Blow them up and take that Goo for yourself!

You won’t need to find every single Orange Goo to hit the maximum 20 slots of health, however, so don’t worry if you miss out on some. Eventually, the Orange Goo stops boosting your health.

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