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Journey to the Savage Planet Difficulty Options | Is there an easy mode?

When it isn’t kicking your butt by throwing countless hostile aliens at your, or a massive boss beasty for you to fight, Journey to the Savage Planet can be a fairly relaxing experience. However, those moments of stress and panic might not be for everyone, and this is where Journey to the Savage Planet difficulty options would work wonderfully. So, is there an easy mode? Here’s what you need to know.

Does Journey to the Savage Planet have difficulty options?

Journey to the Savage Planet Difficulty Options

Despite difficulty options in games becoming much more common, with Easy/Normal/Hard regularly popping up across all genres, Journey to the Savage Planet doesn’t yet offer any tweaks to the challenge it provides. You’re going to play the way that the developer intended or you’re not going to play at all. While this keeps everyone on a level playing field, more casual players may feel frustrated by some of the more challenging encounters.

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At least at the time of writing, there isn’t a way to change the difficulty of the game. However, it’s certainly possible that developer Typhoon Studios will update the game and add difficulty options in a post-launch patch. For those that struggle with the “normal” difficulty of this game, it would no doubt be a welcome addition.

Is there an easy mode in Journey to the Savage Planet?

Journey to the Savage Planet Difficulty Options

As mentioned above, there aren’t yet any difficulty options on offer within Journey to the Savlage Planet. This means that, no, there isn’t an easy mode. The only way for players to make the game easier for themselves is to acquire upgrades. If you’re stuck, I’d recommend backtracking and finding resources to upgrade your weapon, as well as Orange Goo to further increase your health bar.

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