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Journey to the Savage Planet Secret Nearby | Question mark explained

Journey to the Savage Planet has a number of secrets for players to find. Some are easier to find than others, but all secrets have some kind of reward. Be it Orange Goo or other valuable resources, it’s always worth stopping and searching when you see a question mark appear below your compass on the HUD. Here’s your guide to the Journey to the Savage Planet “secret nearby” message that keeps popping up.

What does the question mark mean in Journey to the Savage Planet?

Journey to the Savage Planet Secret Nearby

If it’s not immediately obvious to you, as it does just randomly pop up without much warning, the question mark that appears under the heads-up display (HUD) can cause a little bit of confusing. The question mark pops up when there’s a secret nearby. If you move away from the secret, the question mark will disappear. This should allow you to get a good idea of where the secret is hidden, before then combing the area for clues.

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Some secrets can only be accessed when certain upgrades have been unlocked. If you can’t seem to find the secret yet, don’t fret too much, as you can always come back and try to search again. Journey to the Savage Planet encourages players to retrace their steps in order to unlock different paths with new abilities.

If you’re just playing the game for the story and trying to complete missions as quickly as possible, it’s perfectly fine to ignore the question mark and secret areas. Just keep on powering on and you’ll be fine.

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