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When is the Doom Eternal Game Pass release date?

Even though it’s only just released, people have been wondering when the Doom Eternal Game Pass release date is. In this guide, we’ll let you in on whether a Doom Eternal Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass release date will ever happen. Read on to find out when or if Doom Eternal will make its way onto Xbox Game Pass.

When is the Doom Eternal Game Pass release date?

Doom Eternal Game Pass

As of writing, Doom Eternal is not on Xbox Game Pass. It’s unlikely that the game will make its way onto the service any time soon, either. We could see a Doom Eternal Game Pass release date happening at some point in the future, however. Again, Doom Eternal is currently not on the Game Pass service.

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Given how it’s only just released, it’s not a surprise that Doom Eternal isn’t on Game Pass. Unless it’s Microsoft-developed or published, a game is extremely unlikely to find itself on Game Pass from day one. As is the case with Doom Eternal. We wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the game come to Xbox Game Pass in the future, however.

Non-Xbox exclusive games tend to release on the Xbox Game Pass service anywhere between six months to two years after their initial release dates. 2016’s Doom reboot, for example, took over two years to release on Xbox Game Pass. Other games, meanwhile, took around six months to release on the service, such as The Surge 2.

Based on this information, we could surmise that it could take up to two years for Doom Eternal to release on Xbox Game Pass. We could see it release on the service, however, by the end of 2020. The trouble with this is that the Xbox Series X will be released, so a potential Doom Eternal Game Pass release date could suffer because of this. If it ever releases on Game Pass, though, expect it to remain on the service for around a year. For now, you’re better off buying the game if you want to play it any time soon.

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