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How to get a Call of Duty: Warzone Redeploy Gulag Token

Even with Activision and Infinity Ward’s CoD: Warzone being around a month old now, players are still discovering new things on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Whether you’re playing the standalone version or via Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), one of the new discoveries that you’re definitely going to want to keep an eye out for are Warzone Redeploy Tokens. To learn more about what they do and how to get them, stick with this Call of Duty: Warzone Redeploy Gulag Token guide.

How do you get Call of Duty: Warzone Redeploy Gulag Tokens?

Call of Duty: Warzone Redeploy Gulag Token

The Modern Warfare battle royale mode is proving immensely popular across all platforms, yet reports of players locating Redeploy Tokens are pretty low. We can gauge that they’re an incredibly rare item spawn from this, which isn’t all that surprising once you learn their function. If you’re in possession of a Warzone Redeploy Token when you die for the first time during a match, you’ll skip the one-on-one Gulag fight to decide who respawns and redeploy immediately instead.

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That makes CoD: Warzone Redeploy Gulag Tokens a great tool in any player’s arsenal, so here’s how you can get your hands on them:

How to get Call of Duty: Warzone Redeploy Gulag Tokens

  • After dropping in, search as many Supply Boxes as you can.
  • Legendary Crates stand the best chance of spawning a Redeploy Token, so prioritize those.
  • You’re looking for a gold hexagonal token featuring a parachute with wings.
  • It’ll glow and hover above the ground, plus clearly be labeled as a “Redeploy Token” when aimed at.

Once you pick it up by pressing the appropriate key/button prompt, it’ll be used automatically the first time you die in a match. By consuming the token, you’ll avoid needing to fight in the Gulag and get deployed right back into the Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale action.

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