What is the Crucible max level cap?

Amazon Games’ Crucible is an interesting mix of familiar games and genres melded into something new. If you’ve been experimenting with the free-to-play shooter on PC via Steam, you might’ve noticed a constant sense of character progression. That’s by no means a bad thing, but when does it stop? What is the Crucible max level cap? Stick with this guide to find out.

Is there a Crucible max level cap?

Crucible max level cap

Although Crucible isn’t a MOBA in the traditional sense, it does take a lot of inspiration from the hugely popular genre. Over the course of a match, you’ll level a character up from pitiful to powerful before being reset at the end in order to do it all over again next time around. It’s a gameplay loop that allows for a lot of experimentation and customization, though it’s usually limited by a hard level cap. That isn’t the case here, however, as there is no Crucible max level cap.

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That’s a pretty unique selling point, as, in theory, players can become infinitely powerful. If two teams were perfectly matched, a stalemate could see both sides become increasingly robust until a victor is eventually decided. How this might affect game balance remains to be seen at this early stage.

Chances of the above scenario playing out are relatively slim, though the lack of a level cap will likely impact the game regularly. If you enjoy a persistent feeling of character growth and progression, then Crucible should deliver in spades.

Relentless Studios have to make Crucible stand out in the crowded PvP space in order for it to succeed, and ditching the max level cap should help. Will it be enough to achieve the kind of success that warrants an eventual PS4 and Xbox One (or even Nintendo Switch) version, though?