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What is the Valorant AFK players punishment?

Players going away from keyboards (AFK) in online games is a pain, for sure, with different games offering different levels of punishment for players doing so, including in Valorant. What is the Valorant AFK players punishment? In this guide, we’ll let you in on what the punishment for going AFK for too long is in Valorant. Read on to find out what the Valorant AKF punishments are. Don’t step away from your PC for too long while playing Riot Games’ new online shooter.

What is the Valorant AFK players punishment?

Valorant AFK players

If you’re AFK in Valorant for long enough, you will be kicked from the game and then slapped with timed queue restriction. Essentially, if you get kicked from the game, you won’t be able to join another match for the length of time you are told. It sounds, too, like your timed ban will get more extreme the more you are caught going AFK in Valorant. So yes, the main Valorant AFK players punishment appears to be timed queue restrictions, at least.

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While the main form of punishment is timed queue bans for those caught going AFK, there could be more repercussions. As stated above, repeat AFK offenders will see increased time restrictions placed on their profiles, at least. Thanks to a tweet from the official Valorant account, we know that during the beta penalties for going AFK was increased. The tweet explains that penalties for AFKs increased, “which include longer queue restrictions.”

“Which include.” This suggests that queue restrictions are not the only form of punishment for AFK players. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the other penalties are if any. We wouldn’t be surprised to discover that there are ranking point deductions for Valorant AFK players, for example. The simple truth is that you shouldn’t go AFK while playing Valorantif you can help it. It’s never useful for your teammates and will at least land you with a temporary timed queue ban.

A Surrender option is in the works, which should help any teams out suffering from AFK players, but it hasn’t been confirmed when this will make its way into the game. For now, expect at least a timed queue ban for going AFK for too long in Valorant.