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How to open locked doors in The Last of Us 2

You’re going to want to know how to open locked doors in The Last of Us 2 if you hope to find every collectible and secret item in the game. Unfortunately, some of The Last of Us Part 2‘s locked doors can prove awfully tricky, demanding more than a simple twisting of the knob. Here’s what you need to know.

How to open a locked door in The Last of Us 2

How to open locked doors in The Last of Us 2

There are a number of ways to open a locked door in The Last of Us 2. Some are obvious, with keys that can be found, while others require more imagination. Read on for a list of possible ways of getting past tricky locked doors.

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  • One way only
    • The most common locked door type you will come across is one that is only unlocked from the other side. These are used to force players down certain paths. Simply head in another available direction and you will likely end up circling around and unlocking the troublesome door from the other side.
  • Climbing
    • Some doors can be bypassed by climbing through windows that are nearby. If you are struggling to open a locked door, look up and around for any small windows or vents that you can squeeze through. Remember to use throwables like bricks and bottles to break windows that you can then climb through.
  • Swinging
    • Though rare, some locked doors can be swung around. If you’re above ground level, look for ropes that you can swing on. These can sometimes be outside of windows, which you may need to smash. Jumping out of a window, swinging around, and then landing on the other side of the door is potentially an option.

If you find yourself permanently stumped by a locked door in The Last of Us 2, don’t worry too much as the game allows you to go back and select chapters to re-explore. This means that any missed collectibles can be found later.

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