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The Last of Us 2 Timeline | When does it take place?

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us had a pretty definitive ending, so a lot of people are curious to learn when exactly the new game is set. Is The Last of Us 2 a prequel? Is TLoU2 a direct or distant sequel? Keep scrolling through this The Last of Us 2 timeline explained guide for everything you need to know.

The Last of Us 2 Timeline | When is the game set?

The Last of Us 2 timeline

The main events of TLoU2‘s story take place directly after The Last of Us. Similar to the original title’s Left Behind expansion, however, there there are numerous points at which players are taken back in time to experience events that occurred before the first game. These flashbacks are numerous and help to further flesh out the series’ bleak universe and engaging characters. The Last of Us 2 timeline steadily moves forward like a conventional sequel, while also jumping backward to expand on themes and build nuance.

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It’s always clear what time period you’re currently playing in, so don’t be too concerned if the above sounds a little confusing. In order to get the most out of TLoU2‘s events, you will need to have played the original in full. Since The Last of Us Remastered is available on PS4, anybody that has access to the sequel can also experience the first game; we’d definitely recommend playing it if you want to fully comprehend the franchise timeline.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that future DLC could further expand the TLoU timeline. Players could gain insight into events both before and after those featured in The Last of Us 2 proper, should Naughty Dog have plans to support the sequel post-launch as they did with the original.

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