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The Last of Us 2 Death Explained | Why do *they* die?

If you’re wondering why a certain character killed another certain character in The Last of Us 2, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve played The Last of Us Part 2 and/or open to spoilers, scroll on down to find out the reasons for the murder. If you don’t want to read any spoilers, then click away from the article now!

Why does Abby kill Joel in The Last of Us 2?

At the end of the first game, Joel takes Ellie from the Fireflies. He does so using extreme force, killing everyone in his way. One of the people Joel kills is the surgeon who is looking to extract the cure from Ellie. Of course, the surgeon never got to carry out that lethal surgery, with Joel killing him. It turns out that the Fireflies surgeon was Abby’s father.

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Abby spends years tracking down Joel to get her revenge. As we now know, she succeeds. She first incapacities him with a shotgun blast to the leg, before using a golf club to the head to finish him off. It’s a brutal death that Abby has been waiting for. Avenging her father and the many Fireflies that Joel killed in his selfish act.

We don’t learn about Abby’s motivation, and potential justification, until we play as her again later. Naughty Dog leaves the reason why Abby kills Joel in The Last of Us 2 as a mystery until a good 8+ hours into the story.

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