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Does this main character die in The Last of Us 2?

If you’re wondering if a specific main character in The Last of Us 2 lived or died by the end of the game, then this guide can help solve that mystery. If you’ve played The Last of Us Part 2 and/or open to spoilers, scroll on down to learn whether or not the character survived. If you want to avoid all spoilers, then click away from the article now!

Does Dina die in The Last of Us 2?

Does Dina die in The Last of Us 2

Dina does not die in The Last of Us 2. Despite everything she goes through, including a particularly brutal moment against Abby, Dina survives the game.

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In the concluding moments of The Last of Us 2, we see Ellie return to her home. However, Dina is not waiting there for her. Dina had warned Ellie about going after Abby and seeking revenge. Dina said that she couldn’t handle Ellie being this way, ultimately leaving their home with her child.

When Ellie returns home, she finds the house stripped of furniture and Dina’s belongings. After finding her own things put aside in a room, Ellie leaves everything — everything including the guitar that Joel gave her — behind, choosing to walk out of the house before the credits roll.

With Dina surviving the story of The Last of Us 2, it’s possible that we’ll see her featured in a potential The Last of Us 3. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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