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Will The Last of Us 2 have DLC?

So you’ve finally completed the game, and now you’re left wondering if The Last of Us 2 DLC will be a thing. At the time of writing, the game has only just launched for PS4, so it would be surprising to hear about possible expansions. However, the original game did have the “Left Behind” story DLC, and so perhaps we can expect more from the sequel. Here’s what you need to know about a possible The Last of Us Part 2 DLC release date.

Is The Last of Us 2 going to have DLC?

Will The Last of Us 2 have DLC?

It’s not yet known if a The Last of Us 2 DLC release date will be announced. Developer Naughty Dog has yet to confirm any plans for DLC.

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However, with the game ending in a rather open way, with Ellie going off to a new place and Abby escaping with Lev, there is definitely room for a continuation of the story through DLC.

It’s also possible that a The Last of Us 2 DLC would be a flashback, as we saw with the “Left Behind” story DLC for the original game. I think players would like to see more from Joel and Tommy, as their roles were cut a little short in the sequel. Of course, there are many other characters whose pasts could be explored, including key Scar and WLF members.

As we hear more about The Last of Us 2 DLC, you can be sure we’ll update this post with new information. Until then, maybe replay the main game on a harder difficulty, or with some cheats enabled?

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