Hyper Scape Roadmap 2020 | What future content is planned?

Recently, Hyper Scape came out of nowhere with a closed technical test. Now it’s in open beta, letting more people get their hands on the game while ratcheting up the hype. What’s next for the BR arena shooter, though? Are there plans in place for future content? Stick with this Hyper Scape Roadmap 2020 guide for all the latest info.

Hyper Scape Roadmap 2020 | New content updates planned?

Hyper Scape Roadmap 2020

Ubisoft hasn’t detailed an official Hyper Scape content roadmap just yet. The reason for this is that they don’t have one in place, as revealed in a recent Reddit AMA with the dev team. When asked “Do you guys have a roadmap planned…?” u/HyperScape_Devs answered, “We are just at the starting point today. From here it’s a blank page that we plan to explore and expand over time.”

Although there’s no specific 2020 roadmap locked in place, answers to other questions in the thread indicate a few places that the devs intend to go. The team will “certainly be adding” new Hacks, and implementing a career profile to keep track of your progress is “more a question of when than if.” Perhaps most interestingly, the team states that “our plans for [Hyper Scape‘s] future expand beyond BR.” This seems to indicate that we’ll eventually get some modes that aren’t contested under battle royale rules.

The dev team is also hard at work on Hyper Scape console ports, which will mark a pretty significant milestone in the game’s early content roadmap. A PS4 and Xbox launch is planned to arrive alongside Hyper Scape Season 1; this will mark the game’s full release and transition out of beta.

If you’re playing the PC version and planning to make the jump to console later, then all of your unlocks will carry across. Check out the latest patch notes and our tips on how to respawn and how to land faster; that way, you can more easily unlock all of the exclusive PC technical test items to show off on console when the time comes.

In the event that Ubisoft shares an official 2020 Hyper Scape roadmap, we’ll be back to update you.