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Is Fall Guys Dead? | How many players?

Is Fall Guys dead? With the launch hype beginning to die down and Among Us emerging as a competitor, many people claim that Fall Guys‘ popularity is declining. Is there any truth to the rumors that Fall Guys is a dead game, though? Keep reading this Fall Guys player count guide to find out.

Is Fall Guys a dead game?

Is Fall Guys dead?

No, Fall Guys is not dead. While it is true that player numbers have dropped since launch, the Fall Guys playerbase is still incredibly healthy. With the release of Fall Guys Season 2 fast approaching as well, the game should get a significant boost soon.

According to the Fall Guys Steam charts, at the time of writing, there are well over 40,000 concurrent Fall Guys players on PC. Although its impossible to get Fall Guys PS4 player numbers, we do know that the game is the most popular PS+ title of all time. With that in mind, the Fall Guys PS4 community is likely even larger than PC — especially when you also consider that there’s no Among Us on consoles to demand people’s attention. It’s reasonable to assume, then, that PlayStation 4 could have even more concurrent players.

The current Steam figures are a big drop from the 172,026 peak concurrent players recorded on PC during last month’s launch, though still highly respectable. The upcoming new Fall Guys Season 2 content could be enough of a shot in the arm to see Fall Guys reach similar heights once again.

It’s really not out of the ordinary to see peaks and troughs in the player numbers for service-based games, as people tend to jump ship when the current content gets old before being enticed back by exciting new updates. Whether Fall Guys will ultimately enjoy the same kind of longevity as a game like Fortnite, however, remains to be seen.

Is Fall Guys dead?

  • No, Fall Guys is not a dead game.
  • Fall Guys player numbers have dropped since launch, but this is not out of the ordinary.
  • Despite the drop, Fall Guys still draws in a lot of players on a daily basis.
  • Fall Guys Season 2 is due out in October, and will almost certainly cause player numbers to rise.