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Phasmophobia | How does Sanity work and what does Sanity 0 mean?

What is the Phasmophobia Sanity gauge? How does the Sanity system work in Phasmophobia, and what happens when it runs out to reach zero? Both new and veteran players can find themselves asking these questions about the mysterious Sanity mechanic. This is how Sanity works in Phasmophobia.

What does Sanity do in Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia sanity

Part of what makes Phasmophobia such an effective horror game is its unexplained mechanics, including the Sanity system. While it isn’t immediately clear how to use items like smudge sticks and the crucifix, or what purpose the voodoo doll serves, these items aren’t as important as understanding what Sanity does in Phasmophobia.

In Phasmophobia, Sanity indicates a player’s mental state and is essentially the equivalent to a health bar. Players lose sanity in Phasmophobia by seeing ghosts, spending time in dark areas, using incorrect phrases when talking to ghosts, and more. If the Sanity bar runs out and a player reaches the Phasmophobia Sanity 0 state, the ghost becomes more aggressive. Hunt mode will be activated more frequently, and the ghost is likely to kill insane players before anyone else.

In order to stop losing Sanity in Phasmophobia, players can stay in well-lit areas of a map or return to the van parked outside. This will preserve Sanity, but to regain Sanity in Phasmophobia players need to take a Sanity pill. One Sanity pill refills the Sanity bar by 40%, causing the player to experience less paranormal activity.

Phasmophobia Sanity pills will buy players time, but they take up a valuable inventory slot. Learning how to manage Sanity in Phasmophobia is key, allowing inventory room for more useful equipment like the camera instead of taking Sanity tablets on investigations.

It should now be clear what happens when you run out of Sanity in Phasmophobia. Check out all of the different ghosts that attempt to drain players’ Sanity bars in Phasmophobia.