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Phasmophobia Server Status | Are the servers down?

What is the current Phasmophobia server status? Unfortunately, some players are finding that they can’t hunt ghosts thanks to server issues or the game’s servers being offline. The situation isn’t ideal, so here’s how to check if the Phasmophobia servers are down before getting back to the action on PC.

Are the Phasmophobia servers down?

Phasmophobia server status

In Phasmophobia, the game servers don’t just allow users to play cooperatively online. The Phasmophobia voice server also accommodates voice chat and the game’s voice recognition system. The latter is required to ask questions of the Ouija board and spirit box; without them, identifying spirits can be much harder. As a result, even solo players will want to find out the Phasmophobia server status.

Any users seeing a Phasmophobia error message stating they were unable to log in are likely having server problems. Users can check if the servers are down by visiting the game’s pinned “Server Status” thread on the Steam forums. Developer Kinetic Games also keeps fans updated on any service outages via Twitter.

There have been a few Phasmophobia server outages recently, though, thankfully, they generally only last for around an hour. Although not being able to play is an inconvenience, especially if a group of friends has gathered at a planned time, it’s worth keeping in mind that the game isn’t finished yet. Phasmophobia is an early access title, which means the developers are still working towards a finished version and issues like server downtime are par for the course.

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