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Watch Dogs: Legion Blue Screen Crash Fix for PC

The Watch Dogs: Legion blue screen crash on PC can be a frightening thing to experience. The computer suddenly freezes and gives an error code like “kernal_security_check_failure.” Thankfully, there are fixes that can help stop the blue screen crashing when playing WD: Legion.

How to fix Watch Dogs: Legion blue screen crashing

Watch Dogs Legion Blue Screen Crash Fix for PC

Thanks to the game’s autosave, the Watch Dogs: Legion blue screen crash shouldn’t ruin a player’s progress. However, it can certainly be jarring to have a “blue screen of death” appear at any point during gameplay. Game Revolution experienced it on PC while driving on a busy street and while firing a grenade launcher in a corridor full of enemies.

To fix the Watch Dogs: Legion blue screen crashing, you can:

  • Restart the game.
    • If this is the first crash, it’s recommended that you simply boot the game up and try again. The singular crash can just be an odd occurrence.
  • Test new hardware.
    • If you recently added new hardware to the system, try removing it and seeing if that fixes the crashing issue. This is especially common with USB devices like keyboards, mice, and sound devices.
  • Uninstall new device drivers.
    • If a device driver was recently installed, try uninstalling it. New drivers can sometimes negatively affect other system functions.
  • Open Event Viewer.
    • Use the Windows Event Viewer to identify any Critical Errors. They can then be searched to help pinpoint an issue and find a solution.

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