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Godfall Level Cap | What is the max rank?

Gearbox Publishing’s “looter-slasher” Godfall is a visual showpiece for the PC and PS5, but many players are wondering how much substance accompanies its style. So, how high is the max rank? Will it keep gamers coming back for more? Here’s the need-to-know on the maximum Godfall level cap.

Max Godfall Level Cap | What is the maximum character rank?

Godfall level cap

As with any loot-driven game, Godfall relies on character progression along with acquiring weapons and armor to keep players engaged. More often than not, players drawn to these experiences want to stay on the loot treadmill for as long as possible. Keeping that in mind, generally speaking, the higher the level cap the better.

The Godfall level cap is level 50. Hitting max character rank will require more than just defeating Macros — the antagonistic “Mad God” — to complete the main campaign. Players must spend some time grinding endgame tasks to eventually reach the maximum Godfall rank of 50.

Even after hitting max rank in Godfall on PC or PS5, users won’t have maxed out the in-game skill grid. This allows players to continue experimenting to discover the loadout that best fits their personal play style.

Although there’s no PvP in Godfall, which would’ve been the ultimate test of a character’s mettle, the game does support co-op. Showing off insane, high-level character skills and gear during cooperative play is at least something to strive for. When co-op works, anyway, as ongoing server issues are affecting all platforms.

Like Gearbox Software’s Borderlands series, Godfall features SHiFT codes; these are usually distributed via relevant social media channels. Activating these codes within the game is another great way to grow in power, as they reward players with new gear and other in-game items.

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