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How to unlock BeanBot in Fall Guys

Fall Guys is home to many awesome skins, though, for fans of the game’s social media, BeanBot might be the coolest yet. Followers took to the stand-in social media manager immediately, so naturally, they’re now excited to celebrate the robot bean in-game. Users need to earn BeanBot first, though, so here’s how to unlock BeanBot in Fall Guys on PC, PS4, and PS5.

How to get the BeanBot skin in Fall Guys

How to unlock BeanBot in Fall Guys

The “advanced BeanBot A.I.” assumed control of the Fall Guys Twitter account earlier this year. BeanBot covered for Oliver Hindle — the human ordinarily responsible for the account — admirably during Hindle’s time off. With Oliver now back in the saddle, however, BeanBot is transitioning to a new line of work as a participant in Fall Guys.

To unlock BeanBot in Fall Guys, players need to advance through the all-new Crown Ranks system. By grabbing Crowns to win matches, users will level up their Crown Rank and, eventually, unlock all parts of the Fall Guys BeanBot costume.

Unfortunately, there’s a Crown Rank glitch that stops players from leveling up retroactively at the moment. Essentially, until Mediatonic releases a fix, any wins from before the Season 3 update will not be recognized. As noted below, the team is aware of the issue and hard at work on a solution.

Until then, it is possible to level up and earn the BeanBot outfit in Fall Guys without retroactive Crown Ranks. It’ll take a lot of wins, though, so be sure to check out these tips and tricks for the best chance of success.

Fall Guys Season 3 didn’t just add Crown Ranks and BeanBot, but also several wintery skins and a new map. One of the most exciting new additions for dedicated players is the arrival of Golden Costumes. Dedicated users unlock these gilded skins by gaining Crown Ranks, just like BeanBot.