PS5 ‘Your saved data was restored due to corruption’ message explained

Anybody lucky enough to get their hands on a PS5 has probably encountered some errors as an early adopter. It’s par for the course with new tech, but getting the PS5 “Your saved data was restored due to corruption” message is still unnerving. What exactly does seeing this pop-up on PlayStation 5 mean, though? Here’s the lowdown on the corrupted data restored system message.

PS5 ‘Your Saved Data Was Restored Due To Corruption’ | What does it mean?

PS5 Your saved data was restored due to corruption

Ever since the days of the original Sony PlayStation, getting corrupt data has been a nightmare scenario. Users can potentially lose hours of progress if a save game file becomes corrupt and can’t be recovered. With the advent of the cloud, however, many PS5 owners now have a fallback in this unfortunate scenario.

Receiving the “Your saved data was restored due to corruption” system message on PS5 is a good thing. The pop-up indicates that a local save file became corrupted and unusable, so the console automatically restored a backup from the cloud to avoid loss of progress. For this to be possible, users must subscribe to PlayStation Plus (PS+) and have an active internet connection.

Successfully restoring corrupt saved data on PlayStation 5 might not always be possible. As such, it’s a good idea to take some precautions to help minimize the chance of corrupting any more save data in the future.

How to avoid corrupting saved data on PS5

  1. Always return to the home screen and close games when finished playing.
    • Hold the PS Button > Options > Close Game
  2. Never remove a physical game disc before closing the game.
  3. Safely power down the console after each use.
    • Tap the PS Button > Power > Turn Off PS5/Enter Rest Mode
  4. Never cut power to the console while it’s powered on.
  5. Do not remove any external storage device while it’s in use.

Unfortunately, data corruption can also occur after software errors that are out of the user’s control. This includes issues like games freezing and crashing, but try not to worry too much about those.

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