How to fix PS5 randomly deleting installed games (2021)

PS5 early adopters have encountered their fair share of issues, but few are more inconvenient than the random game uninstall bug. Some users are booting up their next-gen console to discover that one or more games have been deleted. With the size of games these days, the planned play session inevitably can’t go ahead, which is incredibly frustrating. But, is there a PS5 randomly deleting installed games glitch fix? Here’s the latest on this PlayStation 5 problem in 2021.

PS5 randomly deleting installed games fix (2021)

PS5 randomly deleting installed games

Players have been encountering the PS5 disappearing games issue since the console launched in November 2020. It didn’t take long for hardware manufacturer Sony to release a system update targetting the issue, however, with the PlayStation 5 patch hitting later that very month. Although that should’ve been the end of the problem, it wasn’t — users are still finding that installed games have been removed on PS5.

Sony is aware that installed PS5 games can randomly delete themselves. The PlayStation 5 maker has already released one system update targeting the issue, but unfortunately, it didn’t stop random uninstalls for everyone. For now, the only fix is to wait for another PS5 system patch addressing the disappearing game software issue.

We recently encountered the error firsthand. The games impacted were a physical copy of Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5 and a digital copy of God of War on PS4. Both were removed completely, requiring full reinstalls to play.

The experience confirms that the PS5 uninstall games glitch can affect discs and digital downloads, across both supported console generations. With seemingly no installed games safe from random deletion, hopefully, there isn’t long to wait for a solution.

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