Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition release date

Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular Android smartphone models, so naturally, the upcoming Galaxy S21 family of devices is getting a lot of attention. The S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra 5G are all available for pre-order, but where is the S21 FE? Here’s the latest on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition release date.

When will the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE come out?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition release date

Although three Galaxy S21 models are already up for sale, many Android users are holding out hope for a fourth — the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Fan Edition phones typically offer the best value for money, with the S20 FE providing high specs for a very reasonable price. With that in mind, some consumers are waiting with their fingers crossed for an eventual S21 FE launch.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition release date could be around August 2021. Samsung’s S20 FE model launched seven months after the flagship S20 device. With the Galaxy S21 releasing on January 29, a Galaxy S21 FE launch in late August or early September would follow the established pattern.

That’s just an educated guess, of course, as Samsung hasn’t officially unveiled the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition at the time of writing.

Should I wait for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition release date

A Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition would likely offer consumers better value for money than the existing S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra 5G models. The S20 FE garnered praise as an affordable phone with minimal compromises based on the screen resolution and Android OS version. How much those features matter to a customer versus the money saved will decide if it’s worth waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE or not.

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