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Destruction AllStars | How to flip car back onto its wheels

Destruction AllStars is all about wreaking havoc as an all-star cast, as the name suggests. After downloading the new PS5 destruction derby game, however, some players are quickly becoming stuck on their backs. In that situation, how do users right the vehicle and get back on their wheels? Here’s the need-to-know in this how to flip car guide for Destruction AllStars on PlayStation 5.

Destruction AllStars | How to correct the car and flip back onto your wheels

Destruction AllStars how to flip car

PlayStation Plus (PS+) subscribers can download Destruction AllStars at no additional cost right now. After grabbing the game and heading online, or even playing solo, it doesn’t take long for most players to end up on their rooves. It’s possible to flip over and land on the roof due to both dodgy driving and serious crashes, but, how can players get out of this compromising situation?

To flip the car off its roof and back onto the wheels in Destruction AllStars, simply push and hold the left analogue stick to either side. Tapping the stick will cause the car to sway, which can trick players into thinking that they need to rock back and forth in order to gain momentum and flip the vehicle over. That isn’t necessary and wastes time, leaving players vulnerable to attack.

It’s important to right the vehicle in Destruction AllStars as quickly as possible. Sitting immobile in a flipped car is like being a turtle on its back, exposing its soft belly to predators. If an opponent is approaching at high speed, ejecting from the car is also a good option. Depending on the situation, it might be best to attempt a hijack or to simply run away.

There are 16 characters in Destruction AllStars, each with their own unique vehicle and abilities. None are immune to flipping over, unfortunately, though styling out any embarrassing moments with an emote can help.

Additionally, why not check out how to mute players in online matches? Since the DualSense has a built-in mic, a lot of players absentmindedly pollute lobbies with background noise in Destruction AllStars.