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Valheim | How to destroy items

Limited inventory space can be an issue in Valheim. With only so much space to carry tools and materials, knowing how to delete and dismantle items is vital. With that in mind, here’s the lowdown on how to destroy items in Valheim. It requires a somewhat strange workaround at the moment, though, thankfully, it is possible to permanently discard items.

How do you destroy items in Valheim?

Valheim how to destroy items

There’s no delete, dismantle, discard, or destroy prompt on the Valheim inventory screen. As a result, it’s easy to assume that there’s no way to get rid of items forever. Although it’s possible to drop items on the ground, they stay there for good and make the place look messy. Alternatively, it’s possible to keep them in a chest, but most players don’t want to store junk at their home base.

To destroy items in Valheim, enter a body of water and drop them from the inventory screen. Since there is no dedicated means of dismantling or deleting an unwanted item, this workaround is the only way to permanently discard objects. Doing so frees up more inventory space and prevents dropped items from cluttering up the game world.

Valheim is a Steam Early Access product, which means it isn’t finished yet. Developer Iron Gate is still working on the game, so could release a future update enabling players to destroy items directly from the inventory screen. It’d certainly be a step in the right direction, but for now, dumping items in water is the only workaround.

The Valheim 2021 roadmap outlines what’s to come throughout the remainder of the year. Although there’s no mention of item deletion, those kinds of small features generally don’t earn a special mention. As such, its absence doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be implemented at some point.

A recent patch added Valheim Vulkan API support to the game, but there have also been some significant third-party additions. The Valheim Plus and first-person mode mods allow players to add highly requested features.