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Pokemon Go | How to get Nanab Berries

The Pokemon Go March update is here, adding plenty of new content for players to complete in search of rewards. One of the Season of Legends research tasks is causing players trouble, though. “Use three Nanab Berries to help catch Pokemon” sounds simple enough, but not so when users have no idea how to find them. With that in mind, here’s how to get Nanab Berries in Pokemon Go on iOS and Android.

How do you get Nanab Berries in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon GO how to get Nanab Berries

Berries have been a helpful fixture of the Pokemon games since the start. Pokemon Go’s Nanab Berries, however, are especially useful. They look like pink bunches of bananas and can be fed to wild Pokemon to calm them down. Once their behavior is less erratic, the Pokemon are much easier for players to catch and add to their collections.

How to get Nanab Berries in Pokemon Go

After reaching level four, players are eligible to collect Nanab Berries in the following ways:

  • Spin PokeStop discs.
  • Spin Gym discs.
  • Complete daily research tasks.
  • Complete PokeStop research tasks.
  • Level up.

Players need just three Nanab Berries to complete the new Pokemon Go timed research task. Since they’re readily available in a number of places, as outlined above, completing the task shouldn’t be too difficult.

More Pokemon Go updates are sure to release throughout the rest of 2021. This year is playing host to the Pokemon 25th anniversary celebrations, which have already reignited Pokemania around the world.

Pokemon TCG packs are selling out everywhere, with the passion for collecting ’em all being fueled by YouTube influencers. Since many collectors can’t get hold of physical trading cards right now, pack opening simulators are standing in for the real thing.

In terms of video games, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are Gen IV remakes for Nintendo Switch. Upcoming adventures in the Sinnoh region don’t end there, though, as Pokemon Legends Arceus is an all-new prequel.