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Outriders Secret Side Quest: How to unlock Forgotten Chapel

There are several different side quests in Outriders, but not all of them are easily completed. In fact, there’s one secret side quest that many players wind up missing entirely. It’s called Forgotten Chapel, and it only appears once certain conditions have been met. Here’s how to unlock the Forgotten Chapel secret side quest and finally complete the Squaretasking achievement.

How to unlock the secret side quest Forgotten Chapel

Outriders - How to unlock the secret side quest Forgotten Chapel

To unlock the secret side quest in Outriders, you’ll need to activate three specific pedestals located in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk. Once they’ve been activated, the secret Forgotten Chapel side quest will be unlocked.

While the exact requirements to unlock the Forgotten Chapel quest aren’t spelled out explicitly, they aren’t much of a secret. In fact, chances are good that you may have already spotted one of the pedestals in the Canyon. The first one is found on a path just outside camp. In order for the secret side quest to unlock, you need to find and activate three of the six littered around the area.

Outriders Secret Accolade Locked Room Pedestal locations

Outriders secret side quest pedestal locations

  1. The first pedestal is on the path leading out of camp, not far from the Canyon Entrance. Look for its signature blue glow.
  2. The second pedestal can be found farther down the main path from camp. Head past the stairs and through the gate, then look for a dead guy near a stairway. Turn and climb the opposite staircase to find the pillar within the ruins.
  3. The third pedestal can be reached near the Monolith, just after the scene with August and Tiago. Don’t head straight toward the front stairs — turn around and climb the staircase opposite the entrance.

After activating all three pedestals, the Forgotten Chapel mission will appear in your quest list. From there, this secret side quest will direct you to the titular Forgotten Chapel on the outskirts of the Cliffside Path area. After that, you’ll need to get access to the locked room and claim the legendary loot chest to complete the quest.

While Forgotten Chapel may be considered a secret side quest in Outriders, it doesn’t offer much in the way of action or lore. Most players will want to unlock it simply because they’re missing a single side quest required to earn the Squaretasking achievement. Still, it does offer some free Legendary loot, so it’s worth the extra effort.