PS5 ‘Queued for Copy’ fix: Why is it stuck at 0%?

The PS5 “Queued for Copy” error message can be confusing to see, especially when the progress bar gets stuck at 0%. This happens when transferring games from external hard drives to the PlayStation 5’s internal SSD, or when installing games from a disk. Thankfully, it’s easy to work around. Here’s the need-to-know troubleshooting info.

How to fix the PS5 “Queued for Copy” message

PS5 Queued for Copy fix

To fix the PS5 “Queued for Copy” message, users must:

  1. Wait for a few minutes.
    • Ignore the “0%” and just wait for a few minutes to see if the install completes.
    • For those moving PS5 games from an external drive to the internal SSD, waiting usually solves the issue.
  2. Disconnect from the internet.
    • For whatever reason, having the internet connected can cause installing games to stop at 0%. It’s possible that a pending update is conflicting with the game being installed.
    • Restart the console.
  3. Shut the console down fully before turning it back on.
    • It might seem obvious, but some users keep their PS5 in Rest Mode for long periods of time. A full reboot can work wonders on this next-gen machine.

Thankfully, the above fixes are likely to solve most PlayStation 5 “Queued for Copy” problems. Users will be happy to know that it doesn’t involve having to redownload games. It’s a simple inaccurate message that sometimes appears. It’s confusing but, more often than not, totally harmless.

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