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Is there a NieR Replicant Nintendo Switch release date?

Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is a remake of the original game and a prequel to the acclaimed Nier: Automata. There’s a lot of buzz around players rediscovering this old gem, which is giving some Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite owners itchy feet. The Square Enix action title is available now on all other major console platforms, though everyone’s favorite hybrid handheld seemingly isn’t getting any love. So, what’s the deal? Here’s the need-to-know on a Nier Replicant Nintendo Switch release date.

Is NieR Replicant coming to Nintendo Switch?

NieR Replicant Nintendo Switch

Nier Replicant launched for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on April 23, 2021. Currently, there is no Nier Replicant Nintendo Switch release date.

Rumors of a Nier Replicant Switch version have previously circulated online due to an inaccurate Amazon France product listing. The Nier Replicant Nintendo Switch product page promptly disappeared, never to resurface. Although these kinds of listings have been the source of accurate platform leaks in the past, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case on this occasion.

Neither Square Enix nor Toylogic has made reference to a Nier Replicant Nintendo Switch version at the time of writing. That doesn’t necessarily mean that an eventual port is off the cards, though. The Nier remaster is garnering critical acclaim and, if that translates into strong sales, the companies may explore further releases.

From a technical standpoint, Nier Replicant on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite seems achievable. The remaster isn’t a visual showpiece on existing platforms, plus it’s based on a seventh-generation title. Keeping that in mind, existing Switch hardware should feasibly be able to run Nier Replicant. If not, the rumored Switch Pro with its increased horsepower and improved battery life could do the trick.

Stick with GameRevolution for updates on a potential NieR Replicant Switch port release date.

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