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Resident Evil Village Release Time: When does RE8 unlock?

The game’s release date is this Friday, May 7, but fans looking forward to getting stuck into things as soon as possible will need to know the exact Resident Evil Village release time across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The Resident Evil 8 launch times are particularly vital for anyone who has pre-ordered Village on any platform and wants to play the game they’ve already bought. Here’s the full RE8 release time for the game.

When is the Resident Evil Village release time?

Resident Evil Village Release Time

The Resident Evil Village release time on each platform is as follows:

  • On PS4/PS5 it will be available at 00:00 BST on May 7, which means it may be available in the US on May 6 at 19:00 ET and 16:00 PT.
  • On Xbox One/Xbox Series X it will be available at 01:00 BST on May 7, which should mean 20:00 ET and 17:00 PT on May 6.
  • On PC via Steam the time is not yet known, but will likely be May 7 at 18:00 BST/13:00 ET/10:00 PT.

Preloading is now available on all PlayStation and Xbox consoles, so anyone who’s preordered Resident Evil Village can install the game right now and play it at the exact release time above. Presumably, there will be a preload option on Steam too, although as of right now it is not available.

For anyone on PC wanting to try the game early to see if it runs smoothly, the Resident Evil Village PC demo is still available and it will be available until May 9, two days after the official release date, so get it now if there are any worries about performance issues.

Despite the game not being officially available just yet, some customers have reported receiving their copies early so beware of spoiler talk across the internet. On the more positive side, PC fans are already creating weird and terrifying mods for the game, so it may be worth picking Resident Evil Village up on PC for that fact alone.