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Resident Evil Village: Can you return to Vineyard?

It’s where players encounter Duke for the first time, the entrance to the imposing Castle Dimitrescu, and the possible location of the Riverbank Treasure House, but is a Resident Evil Village return to Vineyard possible? The Dimitrescu Vineyard is only a small area in Resident Evil 8 but it holds some key secrets. Can players actually get back to the Vineyard area in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village return to Vineyard: is it possible to get back?

Resident Evil Village return to Vineyard

The key part of the Vineyard map is the important marked chest of the Riverbank Treasure House, which can still be accessed much later in the game, albeit from a different direction. Unfortunately, the Vineyard itself cannot be directly returned to, so any items in that area are forfeit for this playthrough — and the player cannot return to Castle Dimitrescu either.

The Vineyard area map clearly shows the important treasure chest area of the Riverbank Treasure House as being part of it. The important thing to note is that this chest area is actually under the Vineyard rather than being in it. To access the Riverbank Treasure House, players must first have collected the Crank by completing Moreau’s Reservoir, then lower the drawbridge in the ruins halfway between the two altars. Use the boat here to travel upriver to a place players may have encountered while exploring the Castle. Head right through the metal doors and solve the torch puzzle here to get the treasure.

As for the Vineyard itself, other than a few small items the only significant thing of note that the player can miss is a Goat of Warding, so make sure to shoot it while visiting the Vineyard the first time — otherwise, there is no possible way to complete the achievement and get the CP for doing so.

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