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Resident Evil Village Photo of a Strange Bird: Juicy Game location

There are many puzzles in Resident Evil Village, but not all of them require keys, cogs, or cranks to solve. One of the easiest involves the Photo of a Strange Bird, which only requires finding a rare blue bird somewhere in the graveyard. Not only does this puzzle have a simple solution, but it also offers one of the most valuable rewards in the entire game.

Resident Evil Village Photo of a Strange Bird solution

Resident Evil Village Photo of a Strange Bird solution

The Photo of a Strange Bird in Resident Evil Village is found in the hub village’s Garden area. For whatever reason, it’s been left behind in a dingy outhouse. Use the clues in the photo to locate the strange bird, called the Juicy Game, in the Graveyard.

As puzzles go, this is a pretty easy one. The Photo of a Strange Bird is merely a clue that points toward the real prize known as Juicy Game. It’s just a blue bird, but it’s one that the merchant Duke is particularly interested in. Even better, the Juicy Game can be used to increase your base stats.

Juicy Game: Where to find the Strange Bird

Thankfully, you won’t have to go far to solve this mystery. Grab the photo from the outhouse, then start heading back toward the Graveyard. Cross the bridge, then follow the snow-ridden trail down the cliff and toward the double doors. Turn left past the altar, then follow the path through the rusted set of doors. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you approach the statue of the woman holding a sword and shield.

Resident Evil Village Photo of a Strange Bird location map

This is the area where the strange bird is located. To find it, turn nearly 180 degrees from the entrance, then look toward the door to Castle Dimitrescu to spot a forked tree among some graves. Search around the lower branches to spot the strange bird, which appears to be some kind of blue bird. Shoot it, then pick up its corpse to acquire the Juicy Game.

For what it’s worth, there’s also a Goat of Warding in this area. Look for it on the roof of the church to the east.

Now that you’ve got the Juicy Game, you have a choice to make. The fowl can be sold to Duke for a sum of 7,200 Lei, which is not a bad deal. However, the Juicy Game is also used to craft the Tochitura de Pui, a recipe that increases Ethan’s maximum health.  No matter what you choose, note that the Juicy Game will respawn in new game plus.

The only strange part about the Photo of a Strange Bird is the fact that it’s found in an outhouse. Otherwise, you only need to shoot down the blue bird in the Graveyard to get the Juicy Game. Whether you sell it or use it for the health upgrade is up to you.