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Are there Mass Effect Legendary Edition console commands?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition console commands would let players quickly get through the trilogy. They are a way to break the game and since many people have already played these classic RPGs, it wouldn’t be sacrilegious if veterans wanted to use some of these cheats. But the first Mass Effect game is quite different and the package overall has seen some beefy changes, which is making people wonder if those same console commands are still in the game. Here’s whether Mass Effect Legendary Edition has console commands.

Does Mass Effect Legendary Edition have console commands?

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It is not clear if Mass Effect Legendary Edition has console commands. Players have tried inputting the old console commands using the same methods from the original games, but have come up unsuccessful. BioWare has seemingly changed some things around, making the console harder to bring up. It’s unlikely (but still plausible) that BioWare would remove them entirely, but if they are still there, activating them will take some extra work since it is not one-to-one.

Some players have been trying to put in that extra work. Users on Reddit have been delving through the game’s files and changing things around in hopes to crack the code. Ewokitude claims to have found the keybindings in the game’s directory, but has not figured out a way to add the console. Others, like Tromador and cragthehack tried adding the console block, but were also unsuccessful. People are still trying different methods to come up with a solution so this is an ongoing process.

There are lists out there (like this one from GameFAQs) of the old console commands. These might play some role in whatever the Mass Effect Legendary Edition console commands are (if they exist), but that role is not clear yet.

The PC version has some other quirks, too. Some have been asking about the trilogy’s controller support as well as carrying over saves and the game’s apparent use of DRM.