Subnautica Below Zero: Where to find Habitat Builder

Exploring the world of Subnautica Below Zero can be dangerous. Most players will prefer to keep a base nearby to points of interest just to have a safe place to retreat. However, before you can build your own custom bases, you need to unlock the Habitat Builder. Here’s where to find the Habitat Builder by scanning its fragments at one of four different locations.

Where to find the Habitat Builder in Subnautica Below Zero

Where to find the Habitat Builder in Subnautica Below Zero

Like with other items in Below Zero, you’ll need to find and scan a Habitat Builder fragment before the tool will be unlocked for future use. You can find fragments at Delta Station, Koppa Mining Site, Outpost Zero, and the Twisty Bridges biome. Thankfully, you only need to scan one fragment to unlock the Habitat Builder.

Twisty Bridges fragment location

To unlock the Habitat Builder without too much effort, it’s easiest to visit the Twisty Bridges biome. It’s around 250 meters south-southwest of the life pod. Look for it inside the I-compartment being guarded by Brute Sharks.

Coordinates: -245, -120, -250

While you’re in the Twisty Bridges, stay on the lookout for Table Coral. You’ll need Table Coral Samples to craft the Computer Chips required to make the Habitat Builder.

Delta Station fragment location

There’s another Habitat Builder fragment at the Delta Station base up on Delta Island. You can find it sitting outside the base among various cargo boxes.

Coordinates: -250, 42, -780

While you’re here, it’s worth exploring the base thoroughly, as there are numerous items you can scan to unlock more blueprints. Pro tip: Don’t forget to scan the rooms and corridors themselves, not just furniture and decorations.

Koppa Mining Site fragment location

There’s another fragment within the Koppa Mining Site, sitting among the crates near the Pawn Suit docking area.

Coordinates: -400, -150, -820

There are a lot of scannable items in the mining area, most notably Prawn Suits and related mods. If you need help reaching the mining site itself, check out our guide on how to find Architect Artifact Q59, which is sitting in a nearby cavern.

Outpost Zero fragment location

The final Habitat Builder fragment is located at Outpost Zero. It’s sitting outside one of the base entrances atop a cargo crate, similar to the fragment at Delta Station.

Coordinates: -80, 9, 301

Again, be sure to thoroughly explore the base for scannable objects like furniture and modules. The Outpost Zero break room in particular contains a Water Filtration Machine, which is one of the best ways to get water in Subnautica Below Zero.

You only need to scan a single fragment to unlock the Habitat Builder blueprint. After that, you can build it at the Fabricator using one Computer Chip, Battery, and an Advanced Wiring Kit. Congratulations, you are now ready to start building your own bases in Subnautica Below Zero.